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How to Prepare a House for Air Duct Cleaning?

HVAC systems play a key role of cleaning and cooling the air we breathe in our homes. Stuffiness, dust or dampness in your air is a clear sign that your HVAC system is not functioning optimally and this calls for some maintenance and cleaning. When dust and pollutants accumulate in the air conduits of your system, they make it blow harder and faster than normal. For clean and quality air, it is recommendable to have your air conduits cleaned regularly.

It also helps in ensuring the system serves you for longer. Cleaning them is a process that takes a few hours and usually produces lots of dirt in the form of dust and pollutants. It is therefore necessary to prepare your house in advance; it will ensure the work goes on smoothly for better results.

Is your house ready for air duct cleaning?

Plan Ahead

In the event you decide not to stick around, make plans on the place go and what errands to attend to. If you decide to be present on the appointment date, you must take a day off your schedule and notify your boss in advance. Alternatively, schedule the unclogging day to coincide with your annual leave so that you do not inconvenience your work.

In most cases, the professional arrives with their team that may include between two to five people, depending on the size of the house. Obviously, the cleaning process will disrupt your family’s routine and that is why you must plan ahead of the appointment date. Decide whether you and your family will be present during the unclogging process.

Carryout a Walkthrough

Having made up your mind on the appointment date and decided where to be, call your professional and explain your needs. During the call, insist on the need for a walkthrough, sometime before the material day. A preliminary tour helps the professional familiarize with the layout of your house for a thorough job. It is also at this stage that you negotiate the charges so that you decide if or not they are fair to you. During the walkthrough, the professional lets you know how you can help with preparing the house for the best results.

Clear Paths

HVAC vents form the entry points where your technician will access the pipes during the process. To make their work easier for quality results, it is good to clear the paths leading to these vents. Remove furniture, potted plants, rugs and portraits hanging around vents and place them in a corner of the room. Then cover them with a drop cloth to protect them against the dust and smoke coming from the air conduits.

Turn Off Electronics

The unclogging process produces lots of dust and dirt and these can end up being sucked up by your electronics if left running. In addition, the heavy equipment being used by the technician to clean the ducts may interfere with the normal functioning of such items. This is why it is advisable to turn them off during the entire process. It helps to maintain their cleanliness and prolong their integrity.

Consider the Welfare of Your Pet

Pets are part of the family in most homes and their wellbeing is as important as that of your kids. That being the case, it is critical to decide what to do with the pet during the cleaning process. If you plan to leave them behind, prepare a room where they are safe from the allergens coming from the vents. Informing the technician of your pet’s presence in the house helps them take the necessary precautionary measures.

Air duct cleaning produces tons of dust and other allergens that may negatively affect the health of your family and pets. At the same, the equipment used to clean may be too loud for small children ears to bear. The more interruptions from kids and pets, the harder it will be for the team to deliver. For this reason, it is highly advisable that if the situation allows it; get them out of the house. This allows the team to work smoothly to produce the best results within the shortest time possible. Besides, it only takes between three and five hours and this gives you and your family the best opportunity to embark on a short road trip and reestablish the connection. Finally, you should thoroughly vet your technician to get the best one possible. Getting someone you can trust to access to your home and do a great job gives you peace of mind when you are away.

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