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Should You Have the Air Ducts in Your Home Cleaned?

It makes sense that a homeowner would be worried about the air quality in their house. Not only are musty smells and airborne dust unpleasant, but they can be harmful to your health. The accumulation of dust and pollen within the duct system can also reduce your AC’s lifespan by placing a significant load on the fan and motor. Mold can grow quickly in low-humidity environments, endangering the health of those residing in your home. To reduce these problems and return your house to a livable condition, have your HVAC system properly inspected and cleaned. This article addresses various causes of dirty air vents and factors to consider before cleaning them.

What makes air vents dirty?

As we mentioned before, air vents can collect dirt, dust, pollen, or other debris over time that restricts airflow, leading to poor air circulation around the house.

Do you know if your air ducts in the house are clean?

An air conditioning system can accumulate dust and other particles during normal usage as it vents out moist air from the house and replaces it with fresh air from outside. During this process, the fans and filter can trap pet dander and hair floating around in the air, forcing them deeper into the vents the more an HVAC system is in use.

A home undergoing construction or renovation can also make the air vents dirty since airborne particles linger around long enough to find their way inside the duct system. High levels of humidity and moist conditions inside the house encourage mold growth which multiplies rapidly when it combines with the debris inside the air vents.

Factors to consider

Visible contaminants
A substantial amount of dust or debris around the vents or visible mold growth is red signals that duct cleaning may be necessary. Most often, it usually means that your air vents are extremely full to accommodate the amount of dirt or mold inside the system. Taking the time to have them cleaned not only rids your home of these pollutants but also gets rid of the unsightly look of dirt or mold around the vent openings.

Respiratory issues or allergies
Probably you have cleaned every part of your home but still hear a few members sneezing, coughing or showing signs of allergic reactions. Air vents that haven’t been cleaned in a while could be the major cause of the problem as determines the air quality inside the home. Individuals with allergies or pre-existing health conditions such as asthma may experience respiratory problems or allergies if the pollutants are coming from inside the duct system.

Energy efficiency
Homeowners who are conservative enough on how they use electricity are more likely to notice a difference in their monthly energy bills if the air duct isn’t working efficiently. Dirty vent systems restrict the airflow inside the ductwork making it work harder than normal. A lot of strain on the AC unit means that a large amount of electrical power is needed to deliver the same output as before. Clean ductwork not only improves the circulation of air inside a home but also its energy efficiency.

Cleaning schedule
If you don’t know when the air vents were last cleaned, or if you’ve never done it before, now is a good time to start. The frequency of cleaning may vary according to the level of activity that generates dust or dander inside or around the house. If you have shedding pets or are working on a renovation project, you may need to clean the vents regularly.

Why cleaning your vent system is beneficial
Fresh air is circulated more freely throughout the house when the duct system is clean. This helps to eliminate dangerous environmental pollutants like dander and other similar toxins. People who live in clean environments have better breathing conditions and fewer respiratory ailments. Unpleasant smells that lower air quality is also eliminated when fresh air flows into and out of the home. Clearing the air vents offers these benefits and enhances general health as well.

Every homeowner is responsible for keeping their home tidy and clean. They should inspect and clean the ventilation system regularly to prevent the accumulation of airborne particles such as dust and pollen. The cleaning frequency is heavily influenced by the amount of activity inside your home, such as shedding pets, ongoing renovations, and local weather conditions. Choosing a professional HVAC technician who is willing to stand behind their work is always a good idea.

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