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How Do Professionals Clean Chimneys?

A chimney’s work is to eliminate gases and effluents from a fireplace. However, the chimney works best when clean. Otherwise, a dirty chimney can be quite ineffective and can cause harmful gases to get back to your house, causing unwanted health issues and general discomfort. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your chimney is clean at all times. Since cleaning your chimney can be quite daunting, it is good to involve the experts and let them do their job. This article gives information regarding how professionals clean chimneys so you can be well informed about their role.

Step 1: Inspection

Before embarking on the cleaning process, the first thing professionals do is to inspect the chimney. This helps them understand the amount of debris they will be dealing with.

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Apart from this, it enables them to spot any issues in the chimney that may need fixing before starting the cleaning process. In case of any structural issues, your expert will advise that you have them fixed first. It is recommended that you have the problems fixed to ensure your chimney is in perfect condition.

Step 2: Fixing Chimney Issues

In case the chimney experts identify any structural problems with your chimney, they will advise that you have them fixed. Some common issues may include spalling bricks, crown cracks, deteriorated flashing, inadequate chimneystack ventilation, damaged mortar joints, and many more. Since fixing such problems can produce even more dirt and debris, it is good that this task is done before embarking on cleaning.

Step 3: Chimney Cleaning

A chimney is usually a great addition to a home because it makes enjoying the fireplace a bliss. However, after some time, it may require a good cleanup to ensure that it continues to operate optimally. Some common issues handled during the chimney cleaning process include:

  • Chimney Flue Buildup
    The first thing experts will look at is the buildup of creosote in the chimney flue. Creosote is a dangerous chemical emitted during the process of burning wood and the flue is where a lot of this chemical builds up. Chimney flue buildup of creosote is dangerous because it can cause fires if not removed and cleaned. This is the main reason why chimney-cleaning experts will focus on this issue and ensure they have cleaned everything before moving forward.
  • Dirty Damper
    The damper is tasked with controlling airflow and smoke through the chimney. When closed, the damper keeps interior air in and exterior air out and while opened, it sends exhaust that is usually rich in carbon monoxide through the flue. Your cleaning professional will also clean this area and rid the damper of any debris and creosote.
  • Removal of Any Obstructions
    Chimneys happen to be perfect breeding spots for birds and rodents. Therefore, it is common to find the presence of life in your chimney, especially if you do not clean it regularly. You can hence be sure that the chimney cleaners will inspect every nook and cranny in your chimney and remove any dead or live rodents and birds. Apart from animals, your chimney can also have obstructions like leaves and other debris. These too will be removed.
  • Soot Buildup
    Apart from creosote, soot is another byproduct of burning wood. This can build up in the chimney after a long time of use without cleaning. Since it can reduce the air quality in your home, it is important that the soot buildup is removed.

Step 4: Advice to Keep Your Chimney Clean

Once the experts are done with the cleaning, they will give you extra advice on how to keep your chimney clean at all times. Some things you can do include waterproofing the chimney, only using seasoned wood in the fireplace, installing a chimney cap, and keeping the area around the fireplace clean and clear at all times.

A chimney offers your home a system where fire byproducts produced in the fireplace can leave your house. When the chimney is dirty, it means that there are clogged elements inside. When these components are burnt, they may destroy the air quality in your house. Additionally, in a worst-case scenario, they may cause a fire in the chimney, which can be quite destructive. Since you do not want such problems in the future, it is good to involve the assistance of professionals to clean your chimney. As you have learned in this article, chimney cleaning takes a couple of steps. Therefore, you are now well informed about how professionals clean chimneys.

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