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Why should you clean your dryer ducts?

A dryer that operates effectively allows for quick drying times which saves both time and energy. Over time, lint, dust, and dirt can clog your dryer ducts, therefore, reducing the effectiveness of your dryer. Taking time to clean your dryer vent system offers many benefits that focus on your health, safety, and overall cost savings. You may have to clean your dryer ducts more frequently if you do more laundry than the average household. In today’s article, we will be discussing the top reasons why you should regularly clean your dryer ducts.

  1. It improves your dryer’s efficiency

Accumulated dust and dirt can prevent your dryer from operating to its full capacity. If your dryer is struggling with performance, your clothes will take a longer time to dry. Cleaning your dryer ducts removes any dirt and impurities that might be affecting the performance of your device. This improves its efficiency and your clothes will take lesser time to dry When the dryer operates at its optimal level.

  1. Prevents accidental fires

dryer vent cleaning

If your dryer isn’t drying, clean the dryer duct!

A dryer duct clogged with lint and other kinds of dirt creates a dangerous combination because it can cause a fire hazard. Since lint is highly flammable and dryers run hot when they don’t have good air circulation, it can result in accidental fires that damage property. Cleaning your dryer ducts regularly prevents this from happening and guarantees safety each time the device is in use.

  1. Improves the lifespan of your dryer

A clogged vent or dryer duct system reduces the drying cycle of your device. Some of the tell-tale signs that show your dryer is not performing as it should be when it takes more than one cycle per load to dry clothes. If this problem is ignored for a long time, your dryer slowly decreases its lifespan and works double-time to finish a load that would otherwise take one cycle to complete. A clean dryer duct prevents malfunctions that can cause a complete breakdown of your device.

  1. Less maintenance / low costs of operation

Cleaning your dryer ducts regularly means that you will be spending less on maintenance and you won’t have to deal with endless repairs. Just like any other machine or appliance, a dryer can last longer and work better if you take good care of it. Since you won’t have unexpected breakdowns, you will spend less on maintenance or repairs. Because of its improved efficiency, you will save a lot on energy thus lowering the cost of operation.

  1. Prevents mold growth

The main purpose of a dryer duct is to vent out hot air and moisture outside. The moisture that accumulates inside the tube can sometimes create wet spots that get mixed up with lint, creating mold. Wet lint can also make dryer vent cleaning very difficult when it sticks inside the duct walls. Besides inhibiting the performance of your dryer, mold growth inside a dryer vent can spread to surrounding areas of your home, causing a health hazard.

  1. Less drying preserves your clothes’ fabric

Drying your clothes for a very long time can damage the fibers and make them wear out more quickly than they need to. Excess lint produced from the micro-tears in fabric fibers can worsen if clothes are left in the dryer for prolonged periods. Cleaning your dryer ducts makes your device more efficient and reduces the drying times so your clothes can dry out in one cycle. This prevents your clothes;’ fabric from getting damaged by excessive drying thus preserving them for a very long time.

  1. Improves your indoor air quality

A dryer duct can attract all sorts of allergens with the amount of lint, dirt, and dust that accumulates inside. If this continues for a long time, it can spread to other areas in your home causing all kinds of allergies. Anyone in your family can start developing a rash, a cough, congestion, or any other symptoms associated with poor indoor air quality. Cleaning your dryer duct allows you and your family to breathe clean, healthy, and fresh air because it improves the indoor air quality of your home. As a result, it reduces the amount of money you spend on healthcare if the allergies occur frequently.

A dryer that operates efficiently can help dry clothes faster, especially during the colder months of the year. Cleaning the dryer ducts frequently prevents improves your dryer efficiency, prevents accidental fires, and reduces your overall costs in terms of maintenance and health concerns caused by poor indoor air quality.

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